100% solar +
battery powered datacenters
Scalable   |   24 x 365 Uptime   |
over 10x cheaper than legacy systems
Legacy Solar
(5.5 hours)
639 Solar
Sunlight Power
(10 hours)
639 Solar
Battery Power
(14 hours)
solves a critical piece of the Clean Energy Transformation
by extending solar + battery electricity availability to 24x365
639’s solution to the
"Sustainable Datacenter Trilemma"
Our first applications
Hyper-efficient modular datacenters
By cracking the code for
24 x 365 "baseload" solar
639’s microgrids deliver
continuous electricity for
mission critical applications.
Nominal Weather
( ≈ 340 days per year)
Surplus Power
Worst Case Weather
Power to Charge
Battery System
Datacenter Baseload
(Direct Solar Power)
Datacenter Baseload
(Battery Power)
Solar Generation
24 Hour Time Period
First-principles engineering drives our enormous power cost advantage
Electricity Production & Storage
Battery Storage System
Over 6x cheaper
+ recyclable
Array Layout
+ Tracking Systems
+ Panels
65%+ increased solar production
Off-grid, self-generated electricity
Reclaim 30%+ wasted power; near limitless scalability
Electricity Distribution & Consumption
DC-Power Solar Panel To Computer Chip
Reclaim 30%+ wasted power
Immersion Cooled Datacenter
Reclaim ~35%+ wasted power running HVAC
Custom Automation Software
Ensure 24/7 uptime, even on cloudy days
Phase 1 Characteristics
~10k acres
Total PV
>560 MW
Battery Storage
>2,600 MWh
Datacenter Capacity
>210 MW
free of grid constraints
Carbon free
100% sustainable computation
Power Factor Range
~3400 kWh/yr/kW
100 Gbps fiber
Created by anexpert team
with decades of successful innovations.
Sean Walsh Founder & Investor
Sean Walsh
Investor & Founder
"most exciting opportunity I've seen in decades of investing in Silicon Valley tech startups."
Years ahead of known competitors - multiple issued & pending patents
Free of grid constraints, 639's datacenter nodes provide
Near Infinite Scalability
10x cost advantages and rapid
scalability position 639 Solar to
deeply disrupt the exploding demand
for datacenter capacity
Solar resource map
Phase 1 New Mexico site is ideal for
a variety of reasons.
Solar resource map © 2021 Solargis.
The datacenter transformation has arrived.
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